Norwich City: A outsider’s view – Part One.

One of the few cities I had never experienced, I decided it was time to go explore what Norwich had to offer. So, armed with a return coach ticket and a two-night hotel reservation I set off. A friend who lives in the city offered to act as a tour guide, just as well as I could get lost very easily.

I was intrigued as I rode in a taxi to Riverside where my hotel was, despite the rain and momentary thunder, I think I fell in love with Riverside the moment I saw it. I am not sure if it’s the pub on the other side of the bridge, the weeping willows or the way the river winding around a corner. A short time later I had met a friend and was being shown the sights of city hall, the forum, on the way to Grosvenor Fish Bar, I had heard about their High Sea’s Tea and decided to give it a try. Before we get completely into what that is and what it was like two main points: A) we ordered the High Sea’s Tea for Two – but in my opinion you need at least three people to get through it. B) if you like prawns (the tiger prawns are to die for) steal all the tiger prawns the moment the dish arrives, we sat downstairs in the intimate dining room. The dish is delivered in a three-tier silver dish with the middle tier entirely chips and dips there was garlic mayonnaise, seafood sauce and ketchup. The top tier had little clam rolls like mini sliders on it, with flag poles in them. The bottom tier was packed with different kinds of fish/seafood i.e. this is were the prawns can be found! I wasn’t a huge fan of the White Bait it tasted to much like pilchards to me which I don’t like (I don’t do smelly fish). The Battered Squid, which was very nice once I got over the misconception that they were onion rings (it looks exactly like an onion ring in that batter!). Cod Cheeks and Cod Goujons, were incredibly fresh the flesh was perfectly white and fluffy, and tasted great. I also recommend ordering 2 drinks because you’ll probably need an extra one after all that fish.

This was the ideal treat after my long journey and the night was finished off by a visit to Last Pub Standing: I must admit, I didn’t realise this was the name of the pub and not an event! Looks like your local pub from the outside, but I loved the relaxed and friendly atmosphere inside and the live music (it was Friday, not sure if there’s live music all the time) the beer garden was lovely to relax in and meet new people.

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