Ways you can support us!

I wanted to create a magazine based on certain values, a magazine that supports the community it is in, a magazine that wasn’t just about the advertising, original, interesting in content while being useful to its readers in their decision making.

The only way to ensure all these qualities exist in my writing and a publication was to manage that publication myself, below is a summary of what you will be supporting if you chose to back Norwich Nights Magazine.

  • A entertainment magazine that focuses on Theatre, Food and Gaming.
  • A Magazine that provides honest and responsible reviews and information.
  • A Magazine that supports the local community with charity advertising rates that are reduced to 10% of the normal rate. 
  • Online advertising at cheap rates for all, 
  • A Magazine that celebrates Norwich and its community.
  • A Magazine that seeks to support and encourage local business, entertainment and responsible journalism.

Yes, there is a current Kickstarter campaign, but there are other ways to support us too,

Follow, like and share our Instagram, Facebook and twitter posts – this is probably one of the biggest things you can do for us.

  • You can subscribe for a Patreon.com reward package as well as pre-order the magazine their too.
  • Share our fundraising posts,
  • Comment on our social media posts.
  • Tell your friends and family about us too

All support is greatly appreciated, one of the hardest things is visibility, the more visible the magazine is the more it is likely to succeed.

Many Thanks to you all

Melissa Compton – Editor.






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