January 2020 update and Kickstarter campaign.

Now that the Kickstarter campaign has finished, I felt it was a good time for an update. Unfortunately we didn’t meet our target and therefore got no funds from the campaign, I wanted to take this time to thank everybody who has not only supported the Kickstarter campaign but who has supported the magazine, also a huge thank you to Rob Turner from Reynard City who has backed and supported the magazine from the beginning including being our first Patreon supporter.

So where do we go from here: in one sense the failure of the crowdfunding campaign won’t have a huge effect, but it has highlighted some key areas for development, the first of which is growing the social media channels and audience, a huge thank you to everyone who supports Norwich Nights via our various social media channels your support is invaluable it is the general public and community in Norwich that enables me to bring the magazine to you, so each one of you is greatly appreciated. So, while working on our social media channels, things will continue as planned just within limits and the differences will be listed below:

The online version of the magazine will be launched on February 1 as planned, print copies may be ordered either via email or the Patreon page. A basic print copy will cost £3.50, the cost had to be recalculated to cover basic production costs, I will leave both the email address and Patreon links below.

The aim is to introduce a general print copy later in the year, when we are in a financial position to do so.

No change is planned to the content of the magazine, although initially without the extra funding it reduces the ability to pay writers for there work and costs will be initially kept as low as possible until additional funds are obtained. It is very likely there will be a future crowdfunding campaign building on the lessons learned from this one.

Also, I am considering that the printed issue of the magazine when released may be a paid magazine, production costs would be covered by sales and subscriptions rather than a combination of sources.

I am currently hoping to recruit a Sub-Editor, unfortunately now I am not in a position to pay what I would like to for this position I do think the addition of a sub-editor will have a great effect on the quality of the magazine.

As pointed out unfortunately the funds are not available at this time to pay extra writers to write for us, but if you would like to consider writing for us as an unpaid contributor, please email me with a sample of your writing.

I hope you will all continue to support the magazine, as I navigate through the issues that unfortunately many small business encounters in these economic times, I look forward to sharing The first issue of the magazine with you.

Email: norwich-nights-magazine@outlook.com

Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/norwich_nights

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