Return to the Town of Selphia this February when Rune Factory 4 Special Launches on Nintendo Switch™

Available Physically and Digitally on 28th February 2020

London, United Kingdom – 23rd January 2019 – Marvelous Europe Limited are today excited to announce that Rune Factory 4 Special, the High Definition remastered Nintendo Switch game of the critically acclaimed RPG simulation title that was previously released onto the Nintendo 3DS, will be released digitally and physically within Europe and Australia on the 28th February 2020.

In addition to the Release Date confirmation, Marvelous Europe Limited are also proud to announce that this Nintendo Switch release of Rune Factory 4 Special will feature both English and Japanese audio languages as well as text localisation in English, French and German.

Fans eager to own the game digitally will be able to pre-purchase Rune Factory 4 Special from the Nintendo eShop today for £32.99 / €39,99 / $59.95 AUD with pre-purchases including the Swimsuit Day DLC as a bonus. This DLC is exclusive to digital pre-purchases from the Nintendo eShop as well as the previously announced physical Archival Edition which is available to pre-order from the Marvelous Games Store.

At launch Rune Factory 4 Special will also receive the “Another Episode” DLC for FREE from the Nintendo eShop until 26th March 2020. Once this promotional period has ended the “Another Episode” DLC will then be made available to purchase from the Nintendo eShop for £4.49 /€4,99 / $7.50 AUD. This downloadable content adds illustrated stories for all 12 marriage candidates and will be presented fully voiced in English and Japanese.

New additions in Rune Factory 4 Special also include a more challenging “Hell” difficulty level and the highly anticipated ‘Newlywed Mode’, which introduces special episodes about living the married life with the game’s 12 eligible bachelors and bachelorettes that also feature new voices and in-game cut scenes.

Rune Factory 4 Special will be available physically as a standard edition from selected retailers, as well as digitally from the Nintendo eShop, within Europe and Australia on the 28th February 2020. A physical Limited Edition, known as the Archival Edition, will also be released on the same day and is available to pre-order exclusively from the Marvelous Games Store.

About Rune Factory 4 Special
The curtain rises on a beautiful sunny day, as the hero tumbles from the heavens… After being saved by the dragon Ventuswill, the hero comes to live in the local castle as a newly designated ruler and begins life anew while developing the town, making difficult decisions, and cultivating the soil. While exploring a nearby forest, the hero encounters and defeats a monstrous butterfly. Left in the fallen monster’s place is a mysterious young girl. Seeking the answers as to why, the hero’s search for the truth will lead to a grand adventure that will shake the very foundations of their world…and draw them closer to the secret buried in their own lost memories.

In this standalone story, players choose to play as a male or female hero and will encounter a diverse cast of potential suitors and other lovable townsfolk. As the newly-appointed prince or princess, royal duties are fulfilled by issuing orders to help the town prosper, or by taking a more relaxed approach to governance by raising crops and helping townsfolk. Should some dungeon adventuring be on the day’s itinerary, a vast array of weapons along with magic can be crafted or bought for battle against dangerous foes—companions or friendly monsters can also join to aid the player during their travels.

Published in Europe and Australia by Marvelous Europe Limited, Rune Factory 4 Special ‘Archival Edition’ for Nintendo Switch is now available to pre-order from the Marvelous Games Store, while the standard edition will be available physically at selected retailers and digitally from the Nintendo eShop. This game has been rated PEGI 12, USK 6 and PG.

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