So, now Norwich Nights Magazine has launched, what’s next?

A lot of new magazines never get passed their first issue, and here at Norwich Nights we never wanted to release issue 1 and think we will see where it goes. There was always the intention to keep building on issue 1, so what is next?

We planned 6 issues of content, there is so much going on in Norwich that it wasn’t a stretch and the plan is the magazine will get larger and larger. Issue 1 was 20 pages in length and unfortunately due to issues with the printing was printed A5 size (this only applies to the initial 25 copies) so firstly we are currently looking for a new printer, hopefully a local printer within Norwich. The plan is to have a glossy cover A4 sized and to gradually increase the content from 20 pages – 98 pages over the next six months, Issue 2 is likely to be around 40-50 pages in length.

For issues 2-5 we have Zena Leech-Calton from Love Food Norwich will be guest writing in our food pages, a huge welcome to her we are lucky to have her, you can get her amazing Welsh Cakes recipe in Issue 2 along with an introduction so you can learn more about her. expanding past the 20 pages allows us to add a reviews section to the magazine.

We have updated all the sales and advertising pages our page on Patreon now features advertising and sponsorship packages, you can read about them at, also we are introducing a 10% discount for members of Norwich Kitty the networking group – We have the pleasure of attending as a guest and was impressed with how relaxed the meeting was and how well the members work together with each other.

We will be doing another crowdfunding campaign, there’s a lot we have planned for the magazine from a better online reading software to hiring more writers, plus competitions and giveaways but and growing the content. None of this happens without the support of our readers and supporters.

I will keep you updated every step of the way.

Thank You to everyone who has supported us so far,

Best Wishes

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