Here at Norwich Nights Magazine we felt now was the right time to write a little blog detailing the impact and changes the current health crisis will mean for the magazine and how we intend to survive and move forward.

All members of the team work remotely so our day to day activities have little distribution as the editor I have chosen to self-isolate due to pre-existing health conditions for the 12-week period recommended by the government. we have no concerns regarding our print copies which our usually delivered wrapped in plastic and then wrapped in cardboard. We are delaying our plans to make the magazine available in local shops to reduce handling concerns at this time. next content….


As with all small businesses we are adapting the content of the magazine so you may notice a few differences removal of the diary pages, with theatres having to close and restaurants and pubs moving to delivery and take-away services we decided to remove the diary pages for the time being. there will be less reviews for the same reason, we are seeing this as an opportunity to explore more content areas, the magazine will still be full of all the great content you’re used to just more tailored to the growing situation.


We always seek to offer the best quality for money with our services, due to the fact that many businesses will be suffering during this time we have revised our advertising prices, but here’s the thing I wanted to be able to offer rates for the whole of 2020 a lot of yesterday was spend doing profit and loss predictions to find the best rates that we can offer for the rest of the year. So, we have scrapped box adverts and our rates now start at £15.00 per issue, with a range available from half-page adverts to the back cover. We are still limiting our advertising to a quarter of the magazine and will review the rates in January 2021.

That’s all for now we want to wish every one all the best in this difficult time and stay well and safe, be kind, be sensible and thank you for all your support

Love Norwich Nights Magazine.

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