Me and Self-isolation: How I am managing the virus.

Hey Everyone,

So, on Sunday I developed the high-temperature that confirmed my other symptoms were most likely the virus. Just in case you stop reading here the most useful tip is Lie on your back (if you get this thing or breathing issues), I have asthma anyway and no-one has ever mentioned this before but you’re lungs are mainly in your back so when you lie on your back you interrupt the oxygen supply. I tried this last night and the chest pains and wheezing I have been experiencing was greatly improved. So far I have most of the mild symptoms in waves, which is the thing I dislike the most because you start to feel a little better and then something new kicks in, the fatigue is extreme, I generally just pass-out with periods of energy in between usually in the morning. So my self-care right now is:

  • Multi-Vitamins – 1 a day, because my diet is not healthy.
  • Vitamin C – 1 in morning and 1 in the evening, Vitamin C is said to help your body make antibodies which your immune system can use to fight of infections ( I take it because it helps me manage stress)
  • Vitamin D – 1 in the morning, two close family members have Vitamin D deficiency so I take in at a low dose everyday. Note: Vitamin D can help kickstart your immune system but also is one on a few vitamins that builds in your body therefore can be toxic if levels can be too high and isn’t compatible with certain medicines so always check with your doctor if you feel you need too. Also Vitamin D doesn’t really have an effect useless you take it regularly.
  • Paracetamol – when the fever gets too high or pain is getting to uncomfortable.
  • Anti-histamine’s – 1 a day as recommended for people with asthma during the pandemic.
  • Preventive inhaler 2 a day My doctors recommendations.
  • Vicks Vapour Rub – this one might sound strange but it works I rub vapour rub not only on my chest, but on my head for headaches, and on my nose (the bottom part) to ease congestion – like I said it works FYI works on muscle pain too.
  • Water – I sip water constantly I have a bottle by the bed for during the night.

It sounds like a lot but honestly it helps me cope and stay sane, YouTube on my phone also keeps me sane I have been watching M.A.D Gaming Channel and TMG gaming channel as well as music and news updates.

I still encourage everyone to stay in, I think I got this at the supermarket because I have only been going out for food and to the doctors for some essential blood tests.

My routine isn’t medical advice and please seek out professional assistance if you need too. I studied nutrition, so have a decent understanding of what the vitamins uses and the contridictations etc.

Stay In, Stay Safe, We Can Beat This Thing Together, See you soon.

Melissa Compton S.N.H.S. Dip. (Nutrition)

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