Creating Crisis Alley Norwich! Can you help?

Hi Everyone,

This is a response to the recent poll I put up although not many people voted all those that did voted for a charity to provide small grants to new small businesses. I feel quite passionately about this, the current government support is great but there are loopholes and new small businesses/sole-traders fall in one of those loopholes, so here is my proposal.

Let’s start a unincorporated association – a small group of people working, together for a cause or purpose. All we need is 3 Trustees to start.

Here’s how this works, Trustee’s volunteer their time (one monthly meeting plus spare time working on any task they volunteer for, and attending Annual General Meeting.)

We would have to have a membership so this would be available to the public at a small cost which would go towards the grant fund as well as any money raised from fundraising.

Important to note is: No Trustee can benefit from the grants we offer this is a legal requirement (not my rule). Also Norwich Nights Magazine is separate entirely from Crisis Alley Norwich, but is the idea of our editor Melissa Compton.

Trustee Positions

Social Media Officer

Membership Officer

Administration Officer


Deputy Chairperson

Fundraising Officer


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