The Tale of Two Publications.

Introducing the new global platform of Norwich Nights Magazine.

Hi everyone,

Norwich Nights Magazine has been running for a few months and while it is early days for us and we’re praying we survive the current health crisis, something has become obvious. We currently have an international audience, in fact our views in USA currently equal our UK audience, we have 14 countries tuning into the blog regularly and many of the authors featured are from outside Norwich, In short the magazine is evolving past Norfolk on a regular basis. It’s still quite amazing to us that our little city is of interest to the outside world.

We wanted to find a way that supported and encouraged our international audience, without losing the local focus within the magazine.

Here’s what we decided to do, we are creating Everyday Entertainment Magazine as our global platform all content from outside of Norfolk/Suffolk will continued to be placed in Norwich Nights Magazine, while maintaining Everyday Entertainment Magazine will contain content from further afield. To offer the best service to everyone Everyday Entertainment will be online only for the next few months while we plan the first print issue and the option of a launch. Gaming content will be posted to both blogs, as we believe Norwich should continue to benefit from the advance content our gaming connections provide.

There is the option of merging the two publications later on down the line, a decision on that is likely to come later in 2020/early 2021.

For now we believe this will allow us to tighten the niche of a magazine meant for the Norwich public, while producing more content for our readers.

All Content for Norwich Nights Remains unchanged, we hope you will support us as we make this changes and any questions can be directed to Melissa Compton at

our new links:






That’s all for now we will keep you informed.

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