What can we do for you?


When we created Norwich Nights Magazine we were certain from the begining that we wanted to so much more than an advertising platform. We have all seen to often the magazine crammed with advertising, so much so its just distracting. The truth of the matter is all magazines need advertising to survive some more than others depending on whether it’s a free or paid for publication, financial backing etc.

We limited the amount of advertising space to provide our customers with a smoother read and our advertisers with increased visibility, we are constantly adding other services though like, book pages, creator’s Corner, lowering advertising rates, charity rates etc.


We want the local community and business community to get the most use out of our magazine, so we work very hard at providing services that can be accessed for free.

Charity Rates:

In response to Covid – 19 we lowered our advertising rates and froze them for the year. I am going to post the charity rates below as they obviously changed too.

Half Page Advert – Free

Full Page Advert – £3.50

Double page – £6.00

Inside Back Cover £7.50

For Design Service Add £2.50

We want our services to be accessible for all.

We are constantly evolving as a new business, we want to thank everyone for their support, we will be trying out new ideas over the coming months and running polls to see which ones you liked.

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