We review Bewilder Box’s online escape room game: X-Sector The B.R.U.C.E Project – Part One.

By Melissa Compton.

From the second the press release of this game hit our inbox we were hooked. We’re happy to say the game doesn’t disappoint, before we dive straight in it seems appropriate to address the ‘normal’ concern with escape rooms physical or virtual: are the puzzles too hard or too easy and thankfully the game addresses this perfectly as we will explain.

Our favourite thing about the game which is delightfully clever is the simple, retro style graphics, colourful and clear anyone of any age can enjoy. We were how ever on the fence with the human brain image on the intro and completion scenes, but it is in keeping with the backstory and theme of the game, so maybe just skip those screens if you are squeamish.

The Premise,

So, and trust me the game explains this in a creepy horror story voice over  much better than I could but you have Dr Banana, and Dr Benji Jr they have created a robot prototype to be control by a human mind but in order to test the robots ability to handle a brain of such high intellect they need YOU, they need recruits to solve a series of challenges and participate in The B.R.U.C.E Project.

The Game,

Signing on was easy and flawless simply enter the game key, name your private room, and have team members join the room, the screen informed us we then had a time to the game. I recommend a notepad and being alert before you start. As well as an additional communication method e.g. messenger, phone, zoom to communicate with your team.

The sectors (screens to complete) are labelled Sector 0-5 the puzzles vary in both  difficulty and quantity with a need to complete puzzles to find number codes or word code to unlock further access, the puzzles are highlighted by green circles so you know exactly where to find them and the friendly robot provides a narrative to amuse you as you move through the sectors. This game is impressive in the help provided through the face icon which provides clues you will be penalised on your score for using them though. There is even a code to unlock the next stage. There is a time counter at the top of the screen and all your times also appear on the completion screen, the friendly robot tells jokes as you enter each new sector. Close reading is a must with this game. We also love the horn icon; you click it to congratulate other team members.

The game runs approximately 2.5 hours but let us know your time?

The completed screen refers to Part Two Sector’s 6- X which will be released shortly.

Bewilder Box have created the perfect escape room game, the puzzles are all great some are easier to work out than others, but help is always available but does not interrupt the screen, the game is stimulating and engaging and socially positive. This game is fun and left us wanting to play in again. We are thinking Bewilder Box should make a series of games.

Check the game out at: https://bewilderbox.co.uk/the-bruce-project/

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