Coffee and Cake, Norwich past-time or does Norwich just do this exceptionally well?

We’ve been thinking a lot about desserts this month at Norwich Nights Magazine. Norwich’s food scene is both vibrant and varied not to mention vast. We think a huge part of that success is the way small independent businesses support one another and flourish. A short walk around any part of our fine city will demonstrate that coffee and cake are not hard to find, in fact whatever you’re in the mood for you are likely to be able to find and Norwich residents can be found enjoying the delights that morning coffee and cake can bring. From Muffin Break in Castle Quarter to The speciality delights of Figbar and everything you can imagine in between.

At Norwich Nights Magazine we hate to assume anything, and we think that you the Norwich public are best placed to assess whether coffee and cake is a Norwich past-time or not, it is however my favourite past-time in Norwich and not everywhere has outlets that make it as tempting as it is here.

Shortly before lockdown was in place, I was treated to a Orange Jaffa Cake from Figbar, having never tried anything in Figbar before I sat there looking at this seemingly small cake and thinking yes, I can get through that even with the searing pain throbbing from the right side of my mouth (I had a dental infection at t he time) despite its small appearance it was mouth-watering delicous and extremely filling to idea of leaving any just seemed like such a waste so I fought back the pain and the tears the pain were trying to cause to finish. That’s the thing about Norwich no matter what you food your eating it this city, its just all too good!

My coffee and cake routine pre-lockdown was stopping by Castle Quarter and frequenting either BB Muffins or Muffin Break, That Cafe also have a great range of cake and I love their coffee and they are always experimenting with new ideas, but it’s a little of the beaten track for me on a regular basis.

So where’s your favourite place for coffee and cake?

Figbar is located at:

23 St John’s Maddermarket and is currently providing a delivery service in the form of a cake box please see their website for details:

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