University, me and Norwich as the birthplace of ambition.

By Melissa Compton.

So, back in 2017 I enrolled on a English and Creative Writing degree at Cardiff Metropolitan University, having a disabled child still at home, the option of searching the country for the best university for me wasn’t an option. I applied to a few local ones and was impressed with the personal service from the admissions team. Here’s the thing so this is the summer I should have submitted that dissertation and graduated but instead earlier this year I put those studies on hold.

What I learned from University wasn’t what I thought I would, in fact I had no idea exactly how much it would shape my future and my attitudes. I have also been a great fan of education and felt like not going to university earlier had been I missed opportunity. Here’s what I learned though, you can change you mind – I changed my degree to English and Media in my second year and honestly if I have not I wouldn’t be sat here writing this, I learned everything I didn’t want to be, I learned media wasn’t an easy option. Most of all I learned that all the support fantastic teaching in the world did not mean a thing if you were in the wrong environment learning things that are just not important to you. Around the middle of second year I began visiting Norwich every opportunity I got, but I also began asking this question:

What does this degree mean to me?

What would it change? enable me to do in my life what difference will that qualification really do for me?

In Norwich there was a sense of peace, I love Riverside and I have done from the very first time I stayed there. It didn’t take long to figure out if I was going to write I wanted to do that here, Norwich is not the graveyard of ambition its the birthplace. There’s a magic to Norwich and the magic takes that creative spark and amplifies it until you dream so big you just have to get started. Norwich Nights Magazine and lots of other businesses in Norwich are simply by products of that magical effect.

Luckily Norwich is also England’s hidden gem otherwise every creative would be flocking here and we’d quickly run out so space. For me this is where I found the answers, the best people, creative businesses and the support to do what I love without having to sacrifice my values.

During the current health crisis, the creativity of many businesses across Norwich and Norfolk in general has been proudly on display and continues to flourish, as I am writing this I have to say I am slightly intrigued to try the new ice-cream from Gonzo’s Tearoom which has candied bacon bits in it. Gonzo’s The creative genius that never disappoints.

In Norwich I managed to embrace my No1 trait which is just jump straight into things and learn to fly as you go.

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