The Future of Norwich Nights Magazine?

Hey everyone,

I hate to be writing this post but in the interest of being honest and upfront with everyone who supports us. At a time when all businesses are struggling, I have had to be constantly reassessing the viability as a business and the ability to survive the current economic climate.

As a business I am not entitled to any of the support the government or banks offer to small businesses and the self-employed during this time, and for the first month since I started our sales were unable to cover our production costs which I have battled to keep as low as possible even when that meant printing our magazine outside of Norwich when I would love nothing more than to make Norwich Nights magazine inside of Norfolk, I also do not take any money from the business and rely on other means to support myself.

Although I am continuing to fight to keep Norwich Nights Magazine active in very uncertain times, June’s issue was the first issue that the business could not afford to print. I personally funded the print of this months issue: which is the only reason it went to print. As I have previously said July’s issue is a joint issue and we will then return in September, I will be taking a rest week then decisions will need to made as to the future direction of the magazine there are options such as online-only, are only streams of income are advertising and subscriptions. There is also the decision of whether to close the magazine, I am giving a deadline of 30 November 2020 to make the decision on whether or not to close the business if things haven’t improved.

Although our advertising sales and subscriptions currently come from outside of Norfolk. There are local individuals and businesses who have supported the magazine from the very beginning and I would like to say a heartfelt thank you, I will continue to work to keep the magazine open for as long as possible.

In the meantime if you get value from the magazine I would love to hear from you, as it helps inform decisions.

I will post another update in August 2020.

All the Best Melissa xx

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