Save our print copy and thank you.

Hi, as you will tell if you have watched the above video it’s short and to the point, truth is Norwich Nights Magazine is fighting for survival in these uncertain time our slogan is and always will be that this is the magazine Norwich deserves, the magazine was started to celebrate all that Norwich has to offer and to bring gaming into the mainstream media we still hold true to those goals, currently I have been investing in producing the print copy of the magazine at my own cost, I can’t afford to do that anymore. It seems very likely that to ensure our future we need to crowdfund, we need support and make changes until we are back on our feet again. It was a difficult to make but I feel that we owe it to everyone who supports the magazine or ever has regardless of how to do everything in our power to save it and ensure the future moving forward there’s still so much we want to do but for now I am proposing for the rest of the year the magazine will be bi-monthly it cost £420.00 per issue to release the magazine in its current form, so should we not raise enough money the next step will be to move to online magazine only, which is a move I am hoping to not have to make. if you can support us in any way we would be very grateful – even just sharing social media posts helps us especially during crowdfunding campaigns.

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