People buy experiences – The story behind my connection to Castle Quarter, Norwich.

By Melissa Compton.

People buy experiences and from people they feel a connection too (something in common), it’s said often enough in business mentoring, marketing and sales etc…

There’s truth in the statement so, I decided to tell the story of my personal connection to Castle Quarter, firstly I have lived and shopped all over the place including, most of England, Ireland, Scotland, Wales, various parts of America and most of Europe. I have 3 favourite shopping centre Liffey Valley, Dublin, St Davids Shopping Centre, Cardiff and Castle Quarter, Norwich having said that my personal connection to Castle Quarter is unique.

I been drawn to Castle Quarter for a while, I began following their twitter account before I ever stepped foot in Norwich in fact from before their re-branding in 2019, no surprise that on my first visit Castle Quarter was high on my to-do list. I found one of my favourite perfumes that day Britney Spear’s Fantasy. But that’s was just the beginning.

Every time I came to Norwich a trip to Castle Quarter was usually made, the real connection started after I had been living in Norwich for only a month, back in February the week I launched the first issue of Norwich Nights Magazine – I was going through a break-up, this one was a little different – yes I was heartbroken and struggling. But I quickly realised I had been following this man around love struck and blindly ever since I had first stepped foot in Norwich, he was happy enough to play tour guide for a while and I happily followed but now I was not only getting over a relationship, I was starting again because outside of Riverside I had no idea how to get to anywhere, I knew where things were but not how to get there. so, when I finally stopped crying, I took a walk to see what I could find briefly remembering that if I walked in a straight line from Riverside I would find town somehow. Castle Quarter was the first place I found and therefore the perfect place to stop for a drink.

I remember making my way up to B B Muffins, ordering a sticky toffee muffin and a latte and took a seat in the back, and sat there scrolling through my email on my phone, the realisation hit me, I could do this, that I didn’t need anyone but myself, I just had to start again and rediscover my Norwich and the places and things that were important to me. It may sound unimportant and simple but for me it was life changing the days that follows found me rediscovering Norwich and all the reasons why I loved it.

Without that day, that realisation my life and Norwich Nights Magazine may not be what they are now!

Thank you Castle Quarter.

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