Introducing the South Wales Connection.

Part of Norwich Nights Magazine.

On my travels, locally and online I came across many people that have relocated from Wales mainly Cardiff and it’s surrounding valleys and Swansea, the one conversation that struck me was one where someone said to me “I don’t even know what’s open or what’s not – what will there be to do on my visit?” It was shortly after that I came up with the concept of ‘The South Wales Connection’ and as I split my time between Swansea and Norwich am in the perfect position to launch this section. The new section of the magazine will cover the food, theatre, and gaming – maybe some rugby (it is Wales after all). The new section will have it own social media channels as my experience of running Cardiff Let’s Talk Theatre taught me, conversations can move quite fast, and I don’t want to overwhelm Norwich Nights current social media channels. The South Wales Connection will also contain advertising set at the same amount of Norwich Nights Magazine and limited to 1/4 of the content.

I hope that you enjoy the section, the distribution will also be expanded to free distribution in Swansea.

Click here to go straight to our The South Wales Connection page.

I will post more news as it happens.

Melissa Compton

Editor/Director at Norwich Nights Ltd

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