Changes: Stopping print Copies.

Hey Everyone,

As you know we’ve been considering the viability of the print copy of the magazine for a while now here at Norwich Nights, honestly I had hoped we could continue to fund and expand the number of copies we distribute. After careful consideration we’ve decided to cancel the free print copies, while I know it may be disappointing each copy of Norwich Nights Magazine cost around £3.00 to print with print costs increasing all the time. At the magazine we rely on advertising sales to fund the running costs and free issues, and in the current economical climate our revenue from advertising has reduced substantially.

For a while now we have been exploring how to make the magazine more sustainable and environmentally friendly, exploring ideas like a digital magazine and mobile apps, so we will be redirecting our energy and resources in this direct. We are currently looking into developing an app and launching a new website.

As from 14 September 2020 there will be no free distribution, we will continue to sell subscriptions, we have set the price at £2.95 a copy or £28.00 for a year (10 copies) and will update you on the app development and digital platform as we go along. we will also add in a digital subscription in the coming days.

Thank you everyone who has and continues to support the magazine, we couldn’t do this without you.

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