Review: The Foodie Room, High Street, Swansea

By Melissa Compton.

We’ve been following The Foodie Room on Facebook for a few weeks now, finally got the chance to pop in, this great little bakery shop is exactly what the high street need, situated next to the Jobcentre, food options were limited there until this gem of home-baked goodness arrived. As you enter via the small slope there are two tables and chairs outside, expect a small wait and rightly so as the shop is small so it doesn’t take much to form a line, but the warm welcome that awaits it will be worth it. There is a variety of items on sale. On this occasion we had a steak bake, a sausage roll and two Jammie Dodger Cupcakes, the bill came to under £8.00. The sausage roll was large sized and encased inside the pastry was a large sausage, full of flavour and very filling. The steak bake which a friend ate, had golden flaky pastry, and I quote “better than Greggs – there is actually meat in there,” (sorry Greggs!) so apparently full of meaty goodness. Not surprisingly the cupcakes consisted of a light and fluffy golden sponge, topped with buttercream drizzled with strawberry sauce and topped a mini Jammie Dodger biscuit, perfection. This amazing shop is constantly adding to their collection – I can’t wait to try the cheesecake jars and salads.

The Foodie Room, High Street, Swansea


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