Going Digital update:

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

Just to keep you all updated following our announcement that we are ceasing all free print copies from this week. We’ve been looking into digital options for a while now, but be assured that Norwich Nights Magazine will continue as usual while we do, so some more announcements.

We’ve have been considering for a long time (more or less since the beginning) how to make Norwich Nights more sustainable and environmentally friendly, and struggled for a while because well let’s face it magazines are made from paper which requires chopping down trees and printing on recycled paper is expensive.

Going digital and print on demand seems to the answer at this point, We can confirm that we are currently working on a Google App, we’re adding a PDF subscription offer which will be £14.00 for the year any sign-up in 2020 will automatically get October, November, and December 2020 for free then all 10 issues in 2021. Also we are looking to update the website in January when the current website expires, so we can then offer online advertising, reach a wider audience: the magazine website is currently limited in terms of SEO tools etc which restricts our reach, and we also want to add a donate button to the blog that was currently suggested by readers of the blog. We are also in the process of creating a digital media kit for and this will operate as a page of the website and be downloadable as a PDF.

Our application for funding failed, we were planning to use that, to fund writers and equipment, so it is essential to raise the cost of our advertising following the reduction we implemented for 2020 – our advertising currently starts from £15.00 for a half page and is valid until the December issue 2020, I will announce the new rates in a later update. We are also launching sponsorship packages soon.

Finally we have parted ways with the Yumpu.com publishing service, and have added Magloft instead this month so you can read the magazine for free on Magloft or Issuu.com, or flip5hmtl.com

Will be back soon with more updates.

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