Join her business revolution (wales) first networking session.

The date is set for the first HER Business Revolution networking meeting dedicated to Wales. On Friday 30 October 2020 at 10 a.m. The Area Manger for Wales Melissa Compton will host the first meeting online, after a short introduction about HER Business Revolution and Melissa’s background experience, the meeting will be discussing business planning.

Business planning can be an essential ongoing tool, to push your business forward and has never been more than it is right now. The success of many businesses will rely on how responsive they have been during the pandemic, but more importantly how they ride the curve that leads us out of it, and that all comes down to effective planning. After spending much of the 1st lockdown taking webinars and online courses in business planning, Melissa is bringing her usual straight-forward approach to discuss this vital topic.

Sign up for your place now on the HER Business Revolution Facebook page:

Any questions email Melissa at: wales@herbusinessrevolution

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