Review of: Comic Con’s Food and Fandom with Chris-Rachael Oseland and Alex White

Image by The Matter of Food

Initially we were intrigued by the title of this online session delivered via YouTube as part of New York Comic Con and MCM’s #FindtheMetaverse. In case you’re not caught up NYCC and MCM took Comic Con Digital this year and we are so grateful they did, played out over NYCC’s You Tube Channel, we loved the reminder function which meant you could select sessions to watch and get email reminders as they started. This was one of my first-choice options as the Comic Con played out last weekend.

Cook book creator Chris-Rachael Oseland talked with passion of her love of cooking and Fandom, although we were slightly disappointed that we didn’t get to see the Sandworm made from a peach (or peaches) when questioned by Alex as to the kind of Sandworm she simply replied “It’s a David Lynch kind of Sandworm”. (we would love to see that!), as they talked Chris-Rachael Oseland imparted both thoughtful insight and practical tips for any budding Geek Chefs out there.

Covering topics like which fandoms lend themselves to food, Game Of Thrones was cited as a perfect example, it was recommended that when creating to “bring it down to the iconic” (Chris-Rachael Oseland) for example the Tardis in Dr Who, or the bolt of lightning from the Flash’s costume.

Advising that it all comes down to Food Geometry: knowing your ingredients, and this is clearly demonstrated in Chris-Rachael’s recipes, which can be found on along with cookbooks, The website is great packed with content and photo’s of food. We are loving the focus of horror with Halloween just round the corner.

Alex White was great with the questions, and talked briefly about his current work, Alex writes novels mainly and can be found at, You can read extracts from Alex’s offering: A Big Ship at the End of the Universe Episodes 1-6 are up right now, for readers.

The videos from the Comic Con are still up if you want to check them out.

We are going to leave you with our favourite quote from the session:

“Food is how we bond with other human beings” Chris-Rachael Oseland

Food and Fandom YouTube video:

NYCC Comic Con Channel:

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