New Rates!

Valid until 31 March 2021

New Rates Card!

As part of the ongoing changes here at Norwich Nights Ltd, we have revamped our pricing structure. I am pleased to announce we are improving on our current rate which the new rates being mostly lower, we will also we introducing a 10 advert rate, where you can essentially place a advert in every issue for a lower rate.

The 10-issue rate:

¼ page –              £50.00

½ page –              £120.00

Full Page –           £150.00

Premium Page £375.00

Artwork can be updated and varied throughout the year and full payment is required in advance to secure this rate.

Charity Rates will be as follows:

  • ¼ page     £0.75
  • ½ page    £1.60
  • Full page £2.20
  • Premium £4.20

As the magazine moves to a multiple income stream business, we are now linking our rates directly to our readership will currently stands at just over 1,000 readers our readers are spread over a international audience and our a combination of online, paid subscriptions, and email subscribers. This way of pricing allows us to give our clients the best value, while being able to concentrate on what matters producing the best adverts with the best placement.

The pricing will be review quarterly and increase in line with readership increases per thousand. We have also made the commitment to provide free print copies to every advertiser.

A media pack is currently in production as part of the new website.

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