Introducing: Llais Newydd Poetry Press

Dee Dickens and Joe Thomas are happy to announce the birth of a new voice for Welsh writing in the launch of Llais Newydd Poetry Press.

We are proud to have five amazing collections in the works from five amazing writers:

Joe Thomas, Fina Stargardt, Sascha Wharton, Hannah Edge and Alice Gretton.

Please see Mission Statement for details

A new voice for a new generation of writers

Mission Statement

Llais Newydd Poetry Press exists for the following reasons:

To publish debut collections by new writers.
Llais Newydd will publish debut and follow up collections by previously unpublished writers. We aim to bring new voices into the literary world that would otherwise not get a chance to be heard.

To create a space for marginalised voices.
For too long there has not been a specific home for writers from marginalised groups and Llais Newydd seeks to remedy this by providing a press that prioritises those voices. Our first five publications will be voices from the Autistic and LGBT communities most of whom are Women. We can do this by not having open submissions, but from hand picking from the queer and neuro-divergent poets and writers that we know to be waiting to he heard.

To further the Welsh language.
Llais Newydd is committed to not only publishing books in Welsh, but also to translating their publications into Welsh and producing poetry anthologies as a way to raise money for Welsh charities that look after people from marginalised groups.

To value artists
Llais Newydd are utterly committed to paying their artists, and auxiliary workers, whether that be for proofreading, cover art or editing. No job is undervalued by us and we will always pay for services.

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