Book Review: A State of Despair By Trey Stone

Book Review: A State of Despair By Trey Stone

When I was offered a advance review copy of A State of Despair by Trey Stone, I simply couldn’t resist.

A State of Despair is the second book in the Columbus Archive Series and continues after the events of the first, with the same enticing immersive story-telling style from the Trey Stone,  following the events of a drug operation the story plays out between the characters points of view and an official interview, the transitions are handled beautifully and the writer manages to keep us guessing to end with a final twist, the book introduces new characters to distract us, paired with Jordon Greer’s wildcard behaviour and delightful satirical humour. The addictive storyline had us on the edge of our seats, as we read the storyline unfolded from a undercover drug operation to find a new strain of cocaine to a all out race to find Dana Norman and deliver her to safety whilst undercovering an  murderous side plot which proves family really can kill you!

The Character development of Jordon Greer, Dana Norman, and Gerald Martin is excellent along with exploration of Sean Callaway’s character who we were glad to see makes a bigger appearance in this book. The Columbus Archives Series has a Nordic Noir feel to them, and the emotional rollercoaster effect is once again present in this book, almost cried, felt Greer’s frustration at times too.

I could talk about this book all day, but in the end it’s simply an immersive, action packed read that you won’t be able to put down.

Available From:

Release Date 01 December 2020

Price: £10.65


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