Earlier in the year, the Bewilder Box team released B.R.U.C.E Part 1 & 2– an online escape room, to help us have fun with our loved ones without being in a physical setting, and beyond and enjoy some escape room fun. They’re back again with the festive fun that is B.R.U.C.E saves Christmas.

The game opens to a festive scene a Christmas decorated room with crackling fire, festive music, and movie like typography explains to us with a booming voice-over filled with doom how Santa Claus has been kidnapped and B.R.U.C.E is needed to solve the mystery and save Christmas, the scene quickly moves on to personal video clips before the game begins.

One thing that strikes you from the very beginning is the massive improvement in graphics, this game has clear, colourful graphics great quality video scenes. The added feature of having robot jokes on demand we loved. Every time you need a joke you can simply click on the robot, there’s a few puzzles on the page that you need to complete, we recommend having a pen and paper handing as some tasks require you to cross reference information.

This game is packed with instructions and help. You can ask for a clue and confirmation that the whole team agrees is requested (great touch). Also great is the technical help, if you are having technical issues there is a link with further information and even a contact form to help. You can High Five team members to celebrate a win too.

We recommend concentrating time on the map task on the first page where you are required to trace the steps of the intruder on a map of a floor of Santa’s workshop. It’s a bit tricky with a timer, but luckily if you time out there is an extra time function too.

Overall, this game is great fun, the puzzles are mixed levels of difficulty great for beginners and experienced players alike, and a fabulous way to enjoy some quality time with friends and family you may be distant from right now. A Great addition from the Bewilder Box team and just in time for Christmas.

Cost £19.99

Players: 2-6

Time 60 -90 minutes (no cut-off)

Activation Key Lasts for: 24 hrs

Available from: Bewilder Box | Online Escape Rooms

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