An extract from my forthcoming book: Getting Started In Business

For this weeks blog I thought I would share a passage from my book (coming soon) it’s about knowing who you are as a small business owner.

Getting to know who you are as an entrepreneur.

So, you got to know you and are grounded in who you are, but who are you as a small business owner/entrepreneur? The most common question coaches, mentors, start-up courses will ask you is what is your why? – and while you will probably have an answer that goes to spend more time with family, to enjoy life, to help others etc. The question does not go deep enough; its purpose is to ground you in troubled times. Yes, no matter how great, proven, expertly delivered your idea is, you’re going to have troubled times at one point or another, and let us be honest about it probably more than once. There is a reason small business owners/entrepreneurs refer to problems as challenges and it is that a problem in business is just something you have to overcome to achieve your aim, and there is another problem around the corner. Now I realize a few of you picked up this book thinking, I will start a business, and sail through life happy ever after – well sorry, I do not deal in fairy tales and the truth is if it was that easy, you would not be reading this book in the first place. So, let us take the why and pop it on the self for a while and ask, “who am I as a small business owner/entrepreneur?”

Who are you as a business owner/entrepenuer?

You may be sitting there thinking it is the same, as who I am as a person. It most cases it is not it I had to answer this question it would go like this, I am an small business owner/entrepreneur who wants to empower people to be confident enough and be armed with the knowledge to live their live to their full potential – I want people to success, my goals are value based not income based and I hold honesty and integrity above all else. The answer to this question lies in how you want to be represented in the world – what you want to be remembered for what is important to you in your business journey. This will keep you far more grounded and motivated in your tough times because it does change how you want to show up in the world and be remembered after your gone is far more stable than your why. This is because our why is usually based on our needs – i.e. I do not have enough income to live the life I want therefore our why becomes, I want to provide for my family, I want to work less hours for more money. The problem is this a goal, and once we achieve this goal, say I work 4 hours a day and make enough income to enjoy life – it’s use as a motivation is gone, worst case scenario is that it leads us into a “I want more mentality” (which is really a lack mentality) the problem here is that we would never be satisfied and fulfilled and we all deserve that as human beings.”

Hope you enjoyed,

Melissa xx

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