The motivation behind our Brand

When I started designing our brand back in 2019, I was naive but even in that, it was clear that I wanted to develop a brand that went beyond what our business does and communicates our core message. That our magazine was not like others I set out to create something different. A magazine based on values, that gives back to its community it wasn’t about celebrities or advertising for the magazine. It was a passion project.

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I remember a comment about how the gaming content was confusing our target age range once and from that point onwards I been looking at the message the magazine is communicating, one of our founding principles and aims was to bring gaming content into mainstream media, it’s something the magazine passionate about we didn’t believe given the size and wealth of the gaming industry that it should be sidelined into specialized blogs or magazines, only receiving occasional mentions in lifestyle or entertainment magazines.

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The magazine core message has always been that’s it all about celebrating entertainment, whether it’s food, theatre, or gaming. The magazine sets out to above all else celebrate the entertainment available and empower you (our readers) in your choices so you can make the best of your personal life.

As a team, we all have our passions whether it’s writing, editing, food, gaming, theatre. As those motivations grow and new ones develop so does the magazine.

I decided to rebrand for September 2021, partly due to the way the industry is set up, the magazine was previously defined as an entertainment magazine,   the switch to a lifestyle magazine came about because it gives us more scope in terms of themes and topics to cover being secretly passionate about fashion this was an area along with mental wellness that I wanted to the magazine to expand and cover.

The other driving influence behind the rebrand was our audience, I’ve been talking about this for a while the magazine has a great audience both online and offline, we noticed that our online audience now covers the globe and our print subscribers come from all over the UK, with this in mind we’re moving the magazine to a more reader-centric business, simply put we’re putting all our attention on our amazing readers.

Stay Tuned this week for further details on the magazine moving forward.

Melissa xx