Our new brand identity at Nights Magazine

Starting in 2019, with a team of 1. We made the switch from Norwich Nights Magazine this month, after producing 13 issues it was time to take our local magazine nationwide. We never started with an ambitious vision, we started with a humble let’s put it out there and see how it goes. And where it went was global! Our online audience now covers most of the world and our sales come from all over the UK. But in a world where Covid-19 put businesses on hold and we were crippled by the high running costs of a magazine. Survival was never going to be straight forward and the world has seen many businesses transform and expand as a result. In a world where more and more people are following their passion. It was time to stop and take stock.

Our brand was recognizable, but it wasn’t growing, at least not at the scale we need to make an impact. 

It felt like we were losing sight of our original vision, we needed to change the way we communicated our brand.

It was time for a new look

“We may not have a big design department, but that doesn’t mean that design isn’t at the heart of all we do!”

We recently released the new-look brand, we dropped the Norwich from our name and added a new logo. It was important to have a simple letter based logo to display on the magazine’s cover without conflicting with other issues. 

In addition to a new Etsy Shop, and pricing model, our product and website were treated to a carefully crafted makeover. We wanted the look and feel of the magazine to have a more grown-up feel to it and marketing materials to match the boldness of our purpose and vision, and to be memorable and unique while still staying true to our founding vision.  

That is how we created our new brand identity.

How and Why we changed our visual brand identity?

Behind every company is its company philosophy Philosophy covers our company purpose which is: celebrating entertainment, whether it’s food, theatre, or gaming. The magazine sets out to above all else celebrate the entertainment available and empower you (our readers) in your choices so you can make the best of your personal life. Moving forward we want to communicate this in all we do, we used a black background to create a more classic and grown-up feel to our brand. create a consistent look and feel.

Among other changes, our logo was made more simple, and we introduced a new colour scheme, we chose the same colours from our Business Nights Box logo as this service has now merged with the magazine. But before we dive into what changed, it is important to mention the process behind the look.

Bringing our philosophy to life

Design aside, Nights Magazine was founded on clear values of honesty, trust and Transparency, it has always been our aim to give back whenever we can, and to support, encourage, and help other small business owners. Nights Magazine is here to be engaging, informative and to delight our readers while helping them live their best lives even in the darkest of times.