‘Share a Selfie and Support’ awareness raising campaign launched by Myocarditis UK

Pictured, left to right, is Alex Jansons and Andy Jansons.

BUCKINGHAMSHIRE, UNITED KINGDOM, September 29, 2021 Myocarditis UK has today launched an awareness raising campaign called, ‘Share a Selfie and Support’, to help draw attention to the often life-changing condition that many people in the UK, including GP surgeries, are unaware of. The launch of the campaign coincides with World Heart Day (WHD), on Wednesday, 29th September 2021.

Sarah Baker who is Head of Development and Fundraising at the charity, Myocarditis UK, explains; “The theme for this year’s Word Heart Day is all about shining the spotlight of attention on rare and neglected diseases, and Myocarditis is a frequently overlooked illness. Sadly, undiagnosed Myocarditis causes the death of one young person each week in Britain.

“So, this World Heart Day we are asking as many Hammers as possible to join us in our ‘Share a Selfie and Support’ campaign to raise awareness and funds for further research into Myocarditis. We’re asking the public to please share their best Hammer pose, and tag @AJ_Fund_ on Twitter or @AJMyocarditis UK on Instagram. Let’s see how far we can spread the message!”

This is the second year the awareness campaign has run with last year’s campaign drawing support from many West Ham supporters who shared their best Hammer pose. Alexander Jansons Myocarditis UK, formerly known as Alexander Jansons Fund, was set up in July 2013 after the tragic passing of Alexander Jansons from Myocarditis. He was only 18. Alexander Jansons was a fun loving, adventurous and football mad young man. He was always an avid West Ham supporter – so much so that the charity colours are based on West Ham colours.1

Myocarditis UK’s mission is to ensure that no one needs to endure what Alex and his family had to, with little to no information available, on this inflammatory condition affecting the heart. The charity aims to do this by researching in detail the causes, prevention, and cure for Myocarditis.

“Following on from our success last year, we are even aiming higher this year”, said Sarah Baker. She added, “Alongside drawing attention to the need for proper screening and heart healthcare in athletes, specifically on the football field, we are also encouraging donations to the charity. If you can donate five pounds, this will help us to continue to fund the vital research into Myocarditis.

“Helping us achieve this goal is really easy. Simply share a selfie in your best West Ham shirt, tag Alexander Jansons Myocarditis UK and share it across your social media.”

To find out more about Myocarditis UK and how you can help please visit the charity’s website at https://myocarditisuk.com.