FurryFury, cross-platform online arena brawler announcement!

Demibug, an ex-Witcher 3 developer studio, announced that FurryFury – a Digital Dragons 2020 Indie Showcase finalist – will be released on PCNintendo Switch, Android and iOS later this year, providing cross-platform multiplayer across all systems.

Successful early access on Steam
FurryFury is a dynamic, turn-based online arena puzzle brawler. It was released over 2 years ago in Early Access on Steam. Since then, the game has been continuously updated with new content, resulting in a high appreciation over the platform for its physics-based mechanics, graphical style and multiple game modes. As of now, there are over 470 player reviews on Steam with a “Very Positive” sentiment (85% positive recommendations).  

Check FurryFury v0.9 on Steam

Like a rolling Beast
You play as a Beast and roll on the arena against your opponents in a pool-like match. Unlike the popular pool game, though, the beasts have unique abilities and the table is a deadly arena with spikes and hidden mechanics! The key to victory lies not just in powerful strikes but even more in tactics and skills. All of that is served in an original, hand-drawn comic art style of the ex-Witcher 3 developer Marcin Michalski, the Demibug studio founder.    

Furry… fury… furries… wait a minute…

Having “furry” in the title may be a bit controversial, but those beasts are different. Does “Fury of the furries” ring any bells, maybe?…

Key features:

  • Physics-based gameplay – smash your opponent with raw power or perfectly aimed shots and devastating combos!
  • Single / Multi / Coop – play global rankings in 1v1 or 2v2 matches with your friends in simultaneous turns, or face up against the challenges of the adventure mode.
  • Did you die? – no rest for the wicked! Return from the grave as a ghost and haunt your enemies.
  • Power up your favorite Beast – customize your moves and victory quotes, drink potions and unleash the furry power – show who’s the boss of these woods!

Fable with a unique style
In addition to the addictive gameplay, we want to take players to a fairy-tale land of adventure and awesomeness. The world of furries is unique and we emphasize it with every element of the game. The fictionalized campaign and the original soundtrack are no exception. Below you can see a fraction of our world map:  

A story told and drawn
In the land of Beasts, a dangerous incident has occurred ⁠— the long-lasting peace of the ancient sleeping powers has been disturbed. As a result, everyone is facing an unprecedented threat. The Beasts⁠ — snapped from mere existence revolving around tournaments and keeping their bellies full, whether they like it or not, must embark on the journey to restore order.    

Price and premiere
FurryFury will release later this year on PC, Nintendo Switch, Android and iOS mobile devices. The price tag is still to be announced for the Nintendo console, but we can already share that it will keep a free-to-play scheme on PC and mobile systems. Furthermore, as we’re gamers ourselves and fair play is the only way for us, there are absolutely ZERO pay-to-win mechanics. In FurryFury, everyone has equal chances.

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