Sour Dough Starters –  A natural Leaven yeast

Three different methods

A good temperature is important in summer leave aside in a corner – – not too hot not too cold – it likes to be comfortable as it bubbles and grows.

When adding water use cold in summer (from the tap is fine) and room temperature in winter (or ambient from the tap).

Discarding – some recipes ask for discarding some of the mix – 5oz, but you have to throw some of it away allowing the mix to feed and not get saturated in bubbly-ness (or helping the PH, allowing the yeast not to fight and ending up to starter-ish = to sour). Alternatively give to someone nice.

A starter ready to use – should be doubled in size from the day before, bubbly and tangy with a sour smell – not too over powering.

Rye or whole-wheat is often used in day one as it contains more protein and can grab all the good stuff from the air around making it kick start its natural yeasty goodness.

Apart from the rye or wheat all flour should preferably be strong – alternatively plain will do – defo not SR!

Lid off day & night 1 – lid loosely on all other days.

The simple Easy  – Flour & Water ONE

Day 1

Mix in a glass jar – 1 tablespoon rye flour

1 tablespoon strong flour

3 tablespoons water – leave over night (no lid)

pinch Salt

Day 2

Repeat quantity’s and add to mix

Day 3

Repeat quantity’s and add to mix

Day 4

Ready for use.

The Yogurt base TWO

Day 1

Mix 2 heaped tablespoons plain live yogurt

100ml warm milk – in a jar (no lid) and leave over night.

Day 2

Add 60g strong flour

Day 3

LEAVE – nothing doing here.

Day 4

Add 100g strong flour

50ml water

20ml milk (cold from fridge is fine).

Day 5

Discard half the starter (too much)

Add 60g strong flour

60ml water to the remaining half.

Day 6

Ready to use.

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