There are so many avenues for actors to explore within the world of acting, one of which is voice acting, which itself then has a lot of avenues to explore. This month at MCM London a group of professionals gave their views with some tips thrown in on how to get started, and here at Nights Magazine we feel this deserved focused attention – please enjoy the summary below.

Present on the panel were Anjali Bhimani (Overwatch), Carolina Ravassa (Overwatch), David Hatyer (voice of Solid Snake in Konami’s Metal Gear Solid games), Jim Cummings (voice of Disney Characters such as Winnie the Pooh).  

Like a lot of the careers in the creative industry voice acting can be difficult to enter, and while the panel all have varying experiences on getting through the door they all agreed it all starts with play. Playing with your voice to see what different sounds you can make, imitating different accents, voice acting like all acting is based in a desire to tell stories which can start at an early age, other strong points were made around training your voice whether than is through observing the different sounds and accents within your environment or hiring a coach. Perhaps the most surprising advice given was to be prepared to be bad, practice and time can improve your voice acting, so if at first you think you’re bad, keep going! This was surprising because we couldn’t imagine any of our panelists ever being bad. YouTube was listed as a incredible resource, because of the videos in any language to help you start, also a lot of real life happens in YouTube videos so you can often hear so strange background sound.

Although it is also advantageous to move to L.A given that its a central hub for voice acting, there are voice actors in the U.K but maybe it’s something to add to the bucket list. 

TIP: To create a deep monster voice, place your tongue at the top of your month, (I’ve been praticing this, its so much fun,).

Communicating Intention – be sure you understand the intention behind what you’re being ask to say, with so many phrases in the English language meaning different things it is not surprising that this is a recurring theme in voice acting.

Breaking into the industry: While it was agreed theirs no one way to break into the industry, it is vital to be curious, open and interested. If you already have a passion in an area of voice acting the advise would be take a class, master your craft, and follow your inspiration. While if you’ve just started saying yes to anything you’re allowed to do like Anjali did can help you to find your way, either way be sure to follow your passion and inspiration as its likely to lead you to where you’re suppose to be.

Taking Care of You: Voice acting can be extremely taxing on your vocal cords, for that reason the panel advised if you’re ill, reschedule, stating most voice acting companies where easy to negotiate with. The main reason for this is you’re likely to do so much more damage to your vocal cords by working them when you’re ill.

Reset your vocal chords: one of the recommendations for resetting your vocal chords, if you’ve been doing voice acting/training for a while is The Voice Straw, which is also useful for helping your voice if you go from high to low, or use a expansive range of sounds.