Photo Credit: Richard Gray/EMPICS

It’s been a while, but MCM London Comic Con made a speculator return this weekend, with diversity, and interaction, and the future all playing key features in the event, its no surprise that tickets went like wildfire as people flocked to London for the event, this year though they also introduced their MetaVerse Digital Ticket so fans could tune in from home.

Before we dive in let’s just take a moment to appreciate the cosplay gallery below, MCM Comic Con just wouldn’t be the same without it and fans can spend months planning and making these costumes.

So like with most things we’re gonna start at the beginning because this year’s comic con was like being lost in a sea of awesome geekiness, (my inner geek still hasn’t recovered, and thanks to the digital pass it doesn’t have to for 30 days!).

Each day of the event had a wealth of panels, autographs and photo ops, and activities to choose from, although photo ops and some autographs came at an additional price, There were some comments online pre-comic con about the price of the Tom Hiddleston Photo op which came in at a whopping £225.00 which is probably why the fans were delighted with his surprise, just in case you missed the video its below.

MCM London Comic-Con

In terms of panels, it didn’t matter whether you were into film, television, comics or books, anime or gaming there were panels around them all, along with immersive experiences, lots of activities in the TreeHouse area for all your mini fans, it was amazing that the children’s entertainment was as throughout as the main event. For one of the panels, they designated an additional stage for those who were medically unable to wear a facemask. The Guests were another area where the event outdid itself, It was nice to see so much variety and balance within the guest speakers from actors, to writers, industry professionals. If we take The Future of Blade Runner as an example the panel included 2 co-directors, an executive producer, and a renowned futurist.

The regular features of course were there Side Quest was the designated games area for console gaming and tabletop gaming alike, Pop Asia area too, as well as artists alley, shopping and exhibitors. With quite a few of the guests having tables too and encouraging fans to come to talk to them.

MCM London is a fantastic fan centre event and the panels are a huge part of its success, however this year it seems MCM have excelled themselves the panels this year event was diverse and increased in number, unfortunately, due to time slots it is impossible to attend them all and that is also where the value of the digital pass comes in there were a few screenings of panels from the New York Comic-Con this year which was a welcome addition. There were panels with voice actors, actors, writers, Pop Asia performances as well as some very in-depth conversions around the future of gaming, diversity in comics, gaming and even business supporting diversity, and around the issue of representation within the industry. In this way, the MCM Comic-Con perfectly bridged the gap between a fan and industry event to provide valuable insight for both, with cosplay meet-ups on the west entrance external steps, spotlights, team-up and cast panels. Pleasing fans and professionals alike a bonding a truly inclusive community.

Photo Credit: Richard Gray/EMPICS

The panels we attended were Breaking into voice acting with Anjali Bhimani (Overwatch), Carolina Ravassa (Overwatch), David Hayter, Jim Cummings (Disney Characters). Gabriel Luna Spotlight (The Last of Us, Ghost Rider, Star Wars, Terminator) The Badass Women of Walking Dead, Kit Buss Spotlight, Diverse State of Mind with MC Fixer, Tazziii, Loki Cast, Women in Pop Culture, Mark Rowley Live, The art of Onomatopoeia, The Future of Blade Runner, The Future of Gaming: the importance of representation, Cosplay Masquerade, QuidditchUK: Creating A Sport For Anyone, and more…

We’ll be covering some of the panels and discussions in-depth in our 4-page feature in our November issue, so look out for that.