Frontier invites players to explore their creativity in the third development diary for the much-anticipated Jurassic World Evolution 2.

In the latest update from the team, join Game Director Rich Newbold, Executive Producer Adam Woods, Senior Animator Amy Hook, and Lead Designer Jim Stimpson as they dive deeper into a host of Jurassic World Evolution 2’s new features.

From where and how players build their parks, to the wide variety of customisation options available, find out more about how these choices can make the difference between whether a park is a prehistoric paradise or a dinosaur disaster. 

Explore stunning new and familiar locations, each with its own weather challenges, from dry desert sandstorms to tropical hurricanes, and learn how players can protect their parks against their devastating effects. 

See how the new Aviary and Lagoon enclosures can transform players’ parks, and how altering dinosaurs at the genome level unleashes expanded skin colour variation, making parks and the prehistoric marvels within them truly unique. 

Jurassic World Evolution 2 launches 9 November 2021 on PC, PlayStation5, Xbox Series X|S, PlayStation4 and Xbox One.