Hit zombie-themed mobile game gained 20 million new players over the course of the six-month collaboration

Greater Zurich Area, Switzerland — October 29, 2021 — Today, FunPlus, a leading mobile game developer and publisher, and its KingsGroup studio is celebrating a successful collaboration with AMC’s The Walking Dead in its free-to-play strategy game State of Survival.

State of Survival and The Walking Dead joined forces in April 2021 with the goal of bringing players and fans of the apocalyptic genre an immersive gaming experience featuring one of The Walking Dead’s most iconic characters, Daryl Dixon (played by Norman Reedus) as a hero of the game. Since the start of the tie-in, State of Survival has gained more than 20 million new players, taking it comfortably over the 100 million total download mark, which it celebrated back in September.

With themed in-game activities and additional fun promotional material, players and fans of the show enjoyed numerous opportunities to engage with original content. At one point, Chandler Riggs — who played Carl Grimes — hosted a Livestream of the integration, and then stopped by the State of Survival community Discord channel, where he shared memories from his time on the show.

“We were confident that The Walking Dead would be a perfect match for State of Survival, and the success of the past six months has proven that there was a huge appetite for this type of convergence among both fans of the game and the show,” said Chris Petrovic, Chief Business Officer, FunPlus. “We’re constantly on the lookout for ways to bring more enjoyment and surprises to the game, and cannot wait to share more about our plans for the future very soon.”

State of Survival is available on iOS and Android.

For more information on FunPlus, visit http://www.FunPlus.com.

For more information on State of Survival, visit https://funplus.com/games/state-of-survival/