The Isle of Harris Distillery has redesigned their popular Isle of Harris Gin gift range for 21/22.

The new range has been designed from the ground up to further enhance the distillery storytelling and unboxing experience, as well as showcasing the hand-made, craft nature of the spirit and glassware offering. Natural, debossed paper on the exterior reflects the natural ripples of the award-winning bottle and hints at the maritime elements of the island. Inside, striking hi-resolution imagery photography by local photographer Iain Angus
Macleod captures the contours of the ruggedHarris coastline from the air. A personalized gift card is then revealed, hand-written by one of the teams in Harris with your message. The unboxing journey continues through a series of unfolding elements which carry the social distillery story, botanical information, and a series of cocktail recipes.

The matching glassware now includes the latest Copa glass iteration, a traditional Balon de Copa style vessel, handblown with matching ripple designs for a generous serve of island spirit. The internal fitments which hold the glasses securely during transport have been custom-made to ensure safe passage across islands seas, from Harris shores to the recipient’s door. These fitments also tell the story of the handblown manufacture of the glasses, and
the techniques and tools behind their creation. Each set has a unique pattern on the lid and is available online in the following iterations:

The Harris Serve Gift Set: 1 x 70cl Harris Gin + 2 lowball glasses – £70
The Harris Serve + Gift Set: 1 x 70cl Harris Gin + 2 lowball glasses + 1 x Sugar Kelp Aromatic Water – £90
The Harris Serve Twin Set: 2 x lowball glasses – £28
The Harris Highball Gift Set: 1 x 70cl Harris Gin + 2 highball glasses – £70
The Harris Highball Twin Set: 2 x highball glasses – £28
The Harris Copa Gift Set: 1 x 70cl Harris Gin + 2 Copa glasses – £72
The Harris Copa Limited Edition Gift Set: 1 x 70cl Harris Gin + 2 x Copa glasses + 1 x Meadowsweet Tincture – £92
The Harris Copa Twin Set: 2 x Copa glasses – £30

Isle of Harris Gin

The award-winning Isle of Harris Gin is the distillery’s inaugural spirit, distilled in Tarbert in a small copper gin still, known as ‘The Dottach’. Juniper, Coriander, Angelica Root, Orris Root, Cubebs, Bitter Orange Peel, Liquorice and Cassia Bark all play their role in defining the taste of the gin, but it is Sugar kelp that marks out this spirit. Sustainably harvested by a local diver from around the seas of the Outer Hebrides, the Sugar kelp creates subtle coastal notes. The distillers discard, instead of recycling, the ‘heads’ and ‘tails’ of the spirit run, leaving only the best of the distillate’s ‘heart’ helping to create an exceptional smoothness.

The Social Distillery

The Isle of Harris Distillery, or the Social Distillery as it is often referred to, was opened in October 2015, in the small harbour village of Tarbert. The distillery was the vision of Anderson ‘Burr’ Bakewell, a man who has been connected to the island for many years. He wanted to create something that would provide employment for generations to come by sharing this special place with the world. It is both a place and an idea for bringing people
together, to share the special spirit of Harris and create a sense of belonging wherever you are from. The Isle of Harris Distillery’s main purpose is to create jobs, support the fragile local economy and address issues surrounding population decline in the Outer Hebrides. Five local distillers and two young apprentice distillers, trained from scratch in their craft, make a single malt whisky and an Outer Hebridean gin. A team of over 30 full-time staff help create beautiful spirits and welcome visitors from all over the world. The distillery now provides secure employment and gives people a reason to remain in Harris to live and work

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