Zürich, Switzerland – 3. November 2021. Swiss developer Blindflug Studios AG has launched a major update for their free-to-play nuclear war strategy game FIRST STRIKE that introduces multiplayer. Simply called “The Multiplayer Update” it adds a new online mode that lets users go to war with up to nine players from all over the world. 

“For years, we received countless messages from fans asking for a multiplayer mode,” says Blindflug Co-Founder Moritz Zumbühl. “Players really seem to love the idea of nuking each other to pieces and proving who is the best worldwide atomic superpower in an online mode. We’re excited to announce that we were finally able to make their wish come true and First Strike Multiplayer is here.”

Like in the single-player mode, players take charge of nuclear power like the USA, North Korea or Russia, sending nuclear weapons against each other until only one nation is left standing. For an online match, they can join a group of players with the quickplay function, get invited with a code or host their own room.

The multiplayer mode also includes two new modifiers that can be activated if desired: “Balanced Start” lets everyone start out with the same starting condition, and “Small State Support” gives players with a small nation faster expansion and research speed at the start. These two modifiers help provide a more balanced experience and adjust the traditional power imbalance between the playable nations of FIRST STRIKE.

FIRST STRIKE first launched in March 2014 and has been played by more than 11 million players worldwide, and has been played by fans in every country on Earth (except North Korea)! Blindflug Studios will continue to develop further updates for the free-to-play version of FIRST STRIKE. FIRST STRIKE has become a true ‘nuclear playground’ with new features and content added over time, challenging veteran and long-time fans with new ways to play.

Main features:

  • You control the world! Shoot and defend against nuclear rockets on a 3D globe.
  • Build rockets and missiles, conquer territories and research new devastating nuclear technologies.
  • Twelve playable nuclear superpowers! You decide which real-world superpower you play, from the USA to Russia, China or North Korea.
  • Devastating superweapons! Build twelve technologically advanced rockets, from Tridents to the TSAR.
  • Now with multiplayer! Up to 10 players can compete against each other and nuke the world into nuclear Armageddon together.

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