Independent studio Ganymede Games will be launching the Kickstarter Campaign for their story-driven deckbuilding RPG, Xenotheria, on November 16th, 2021. The campaign will offer players the chance to get the game at a discount and grab some cool rewards, including a physical statue of the main character: Squiggles. 

Xenotheria takes place on Wolf Prime, a sprawling desert planet that’s home to the galaxy’s most important trading port. A seemingly ordinary day quickly turns chaotic after a mysterious, cataclysmic event, leading to a shower of spaceships, satellites, and orbital stations raining havoc down on the innocent souls of Wolf Prime.

One of those souls is Squiggles, a hard-working, spaceship construction yard worker with a heart of gold.

The events of Xenotheria take place in the immediate aftermath of the ship-raining apocalypse. Squiggles, known for shying away from the spotlight, takes center stage in the story. What starts as a fight for survival in the remains of a shipyard soon becomes an epic journey across Wolf Prime in a search for the truth behind the event. 

During his adventures, Squiggles will meet diverse and unique characters (some who will join him on his quest), explore handcrafted biomes, salvage once-orbiting ships for new gear, and solve thought-provoking puzzles to earn powerful new cards. 

While Wolf Prime offers its moments of beauty, it’s a world now plagued with marooned extraterrestrials seeking opportunity and escape. Gameplay in Xenotheria fuses isometric exploration (Divinity: Original Sin, Pathfinder) with highly customizable deckbuilding (Thronebreaker, Steamworld Quest), to create tactical engagements on top of deep story-telling.

Xenotheria’s combat offers environmental advantages and disadvantages. Derelict ships with scattered debris create opportunities to take cover while utilizing elemental attacks to gain advantages over foes. The combination of deck management and grid-based movement provides players with everything they need to solve each battle on their terms.

The Kickstarter campaign for Xenotheria goes live on Tuesday November 16th. Sign-up is open now, and an early-bird promotional event will be live for the first 48 hours of the campaign, offering a 20% discount on the base version of the game.


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