Amsterdam, The Netherlands — November 19, 2021 — The player account transition for renowned MMORPG ArcheAge, developed by XL Games and soon-to-be published by Kakao Games, has officially begun. 

Released in 2014, ArcheAge features a vast open sandbox environment,offering deep customization of skills and experiences set across the mystical world of Erenor. From trading on the high seas, tending a humble farm, being an adventurous rogue and much more, each player’s experience is wholly unique.

Kakao Games will take the reins as publisher for ArcheAge in North America, Europe and Oceania from current publisher Gamigo, who serviced the game in those regions the previous seven years. The official service changeover will occur the 2nd of December, 2021.

Account transfer will require visiting Gamigo’s Glyph gaming platform to obtain a data transfer code. Once done, users can access the newly launched Kakao Games transfer website to create a Kakao Games account (if they haven’t already) and enter the transfer code to complete the process.

Existing players who complete the above will receive the following rewards:

  • Astra Wings x1
  • Wrapped Firetalon Ostrich x1
  • Wrapped Brilliant Hiram Guardian Weapon: Epic x4
  • Wrapped Brilliant Hiram Guardian Armor: Epic x7
  • Epherium Cloak Crate x1
  • Noryette Ring (Heroic) x2
  • Noryette Earring (Heroic) x2
  • Proven Warrior Necklace Box x1
  • Bound Serendipity Stone x4
  • Icon Swap Certificate x3

These rewards will arrive December 2nd alongside new ArcheAge updates, including the Black Thorn Prison instance, the long-awaited debut of Guild Housing, and a brand-new skillset. Details on all three will be available in coming weeks via Kakao Games social channels.

Finally, in celebration of this transfer of service milestone, Kakao Games has released the full-length version of its teaser trailer celebrating thrilling moments throughout the history of ArcheAge, honoring its valued fans and casting an eye toward the future.

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