22.11.2021: Today, Indie publisher Ratalaika Games, together with BUG-Studio the developer, is pleased to announce the digital release date for 6Souls, an exciting saga coming on PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Microsoft Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S and Nintendo Switch set for 3rd December 2021.

Retro fans can delight and be immersed in this creative and retro styled puzzle jaunt to fight monsters, defeat bosses, untangle a web of very tricky confrontations and brain teasing events that unfold in what is a long, charming and eventful journey.

A bridge too far? 

Jack and his faithful dog Butch are big adventure lovers and one day come across a map in which they find details of an abandoned castle of the Clifford family, so they eagerly make their way in search of possible treasure.

Plenty to see

  • 8 different locations with their own unique features and challenges 
  • Each location has its own characteristics
  • Forest, Castle Dungeon, Castle, library, laboratory and more!

Plenty to Do – Amazing Surprises

6Souls offers more than meets the eye with situations that unfold and challenge in a number of ways – Poisonous gas pipes in the laboratory,  gusts of wind in the balconies – which will either help the player or prevent the player from completing the levels by fighting bosses galore. There are even spiders that hang on a web from the ceiling, as well as magical bookshelves that move by themselves.

Something new and interesting.