Ultra continues to expand its reach, creating a blockchain-based ecosystem for gamers and developers.

Tallinn, Estonia – 24th November, 2021: Ultra, the gaming platform utilizing carbon neutral certified blockchain technology to create a fairer ecosystem for gamers and developers, has revealed that they have signed a publishing partnership with one of the largest independent video game distributors, Plug In Digital.

The multi-year partnership means closed beta users will see Plug In Digital titles being added to the platform over the next few months. Ultra will be working closely with Plug In Digital to onboard numerous upcoming unannounced titles throughout 2022 and beyond. Plug In Digital is also partnered with the likes of Focus Home Interactive, Paradox Interactive, Konami, Nacon, The Game Bakers, and Raw Fury. 

Ultra’s NFT marketplace allows gamers to trade and sell games, alongside other digital goods like skins, providing more freedom when owning digital goods. Unlike other blockchain technologies, Ultra is incredibly conscious of its environmental impact and is certified Carbon Neutral from Natural Capital Partners, being over two billion times more energy efficient than Bitcoin, emitting only 0.00000037 kg of CO2 per transaction. With only 23.5 tonnes of CO2 emitted per year, Ultra then offsets 277 tonnes of CO2 per year, delivering incredibly low power consumption and responsible blockchain pioneering. 

On top of environmental considerations, Ultra boasts a 12% distribution fee to benefit developers, who can make use of Ultras cross-platform SDK to turn virtual goods into NFTs that can be resold by consumers based on developer-set parameters like resale permissions rules, commission fees, quantity limitations, and geographic restrictions.

On top of Ultra Games (games distribution store), within Ultra’s ecosystem is Ultra Wallet (cryptocurrency wallet), Ultra Marketplace (NFT marketplace), and third-party apps such as Theta (live streaming platform). This ecosystem will continue to expand to provide more key industry services within the platform.

More information on Ultra can be found on their site, including partners like Ubisoft, AMD, and Atari. The client can also be downloaded right now, allowing players to set up their virtual crypto wallet.