Hey Guys,

It’s been a super busy time at the magazine this month, there’s not been much time for an update ( We miss talking to you directly). So we’ve been gaming and expanding our connections as you’ve probably noticed from the blog.

A few days ago I commented on a twitter post about whether content producers should charge indie developers given there lack of budget and my answer was it depended on how that content producer creates their revenue every business owner/freelancer has the ability to decide their own revenue streams for example most magazines make the majority of their revenue via advertising, which is why you get magazines with more advertising than content at times. As a business we choose not to take this route – we choose to focus on our readers so our revenue comes mainly from subscriptions. We offer limited advertising and the revenue generated goes towards covering our production costs, each issue of the magazine costs around £1000.00 to produce and the advertising allows us to offset that. I would like to reduce the advertising to 5% of the magazine (it’s currently 10%). We are all about supporting the gaming industry and especially indie developers where we can.

We value all your support equally, whether it’s following us by email/social media or subscribing and buying the magazine. We look forward to the journey ahead and hope you’ll join us. Spring 2022 is looking very exciting with lots of new gaming releases already lined up. We’ll be launching a crowdfunder shortly with  great subscription, advertising, and sponsorship deals, we’re keen to expand the magazine to include illustrations and we’d love to add a freelance film writer to the team. Like with most things we need to obtain the funding before we take that step.

We hope you’ll love the magazine it releases on 1 December 2021, we’d love to hear your views on what you’d like to see in the magazine moving forward. Please email us at info@nights-magazine.com

Till next time

Melissa xx