By Melissa Compton

Firstly, just wanted to point out, there’s no reason guys won’t enjoy this article just as much as girls.
But let’s face it, there once was a time when if you were a girl gamer your choices were limited. I can
remember a time when playing fighting games relied borrowing my boyfriend’s copy of call of duty
while he bored me with stories of how girls don’t really play this game in large numbers of be careful
online. As well meant as it was the options for girl gamers who enjoyed a good fighting game were

With Marvelous Games Europe set to release a few titles this year which as a girl gamer I am excited about I thought it is probably good time to write about it.

Back in October 2019 I had the pleasure of meeting up with Marvelous Games Europe and playing the
demo version of Rune Factory 4 special edition, now aside from the fact it made me what to ditch my
PS4 and buy the Nintendo Switch (so impressed by how easy the handling is with the switch). My immediate response was this is going to be popular with girl gamers, which was confirmed on the spot
as due to the information the company had collected this seemed to be the trend. It’s easy to see why,
I love the current rise in the partnership between anime and games at the moment. The element of
this game that allows you interact and form relationship with certain characters I am particularly
fond of. But the fact that they took on board all of the fans feedback and created a new version with
those changes I think is brilliant.

In my Gaming for Cardiff |Times I said the following which gives you a good idea of the game:

“Rune Factory 4 Special has been created to fill a request by fans of Rune Factory to bring the game to the Nintendo switch, listening to feedback from Marvellous Games are releasing this title in response, the thing I like most about this game is the social interaction element the characters can form bonds and even get married. There is a short freeze break that indicates which characters you can bond with as not all characters can bond in the game. The game combines farming and dungeon adventuring, with its own official soundtrack including 3 new tracks and new features including the newlywed mode, previously characters bonded to the point of marriage but there was no married life mode the game has been upgraded to include this along with a new difficultly level. Featuring stunning artwork from Minako Iwasaki, this game is perfect for girls who are looking for a fighting game, that isn’t male dominated and has a feminine element to it. watch out for the acid throwing caterpillar.”
It is easy to see how things are improving for girl gaming, but its not just one game .

The Coma 2 Vicious sisters has just been released on PC. Also Marvelous Games are planning to release the following:

Sakuna of Rice and Ruin.
This game is a mixture of life stimulation and a platform game with varying levels of difficulty. This is
a side-scrolling in a limited space with attacks from all directions with great graphics. The player
plays ‘Sanuka’ a spoiled harvest goddess who must find a home and prove herself worthy of her title
my harvesting rice and improving the lives of outcast humans on the island. Storytelling, anime and mythology are entering our gaming world at an incredible rate and its great. With some of the best anime directors now working on gaming titles it can only be a good thing for the industry. Which brings me to my final game –yes, I saved the best for last.

Granblue Fantasy Versus
This arcade player set in a world of skies: Gran travels with a winged companion Vyrn and
Lyria the mysterious girl who saved his life. The game has a dragon who has a roar of revival
which is like a reset function. Players can play off or online 1-2 player game.
The graphics on this game are insanely good with amazing battle scenes. This is my top pick
for 2020 with the release date to still be announced. I will update you when I can. This one is
going to worth waiting for its brilliant and complex storytelling and graphics are creating a
great buzz.

Gran Blue Fantasy Versus is based on the franchise that includes the animated series and is responsible for reuniting music composer Nobuo Uematsu and art director Hideo Minaba, who previously collaborated on Final Fantasy V.