Words by Melissa Compton

ledges in 6 souls game

6 souls  2D pixel art casual platformer with light puzzle-solving and combat, the game features Jack and his dog Butch trying to find a hidden castle, Butch who shortly after finding Jack is concealed in jacks backpack, but he escapes at different points in the game. The game is a welcome relief from some of the hardcore games circulating right now with relaxing background music, and simple mechanics you have access to a simple attack, wall jump and climbing action and a simple jump. The only issue I found with the game was I had to remind myself that Jack couldn’t double jump, We loved that Butch is a playable character too, and the strong emphasis on storytelling makes the game easier to understand. Although Jack doesn’t double jump Butch can he doesn’t climb ledges so there’s a bit of a trade-off there.

game screenshot - 6 souls

Published by indie publisher Ratalaika Games and developer BUG-Studio, 6 Souls presents over 10 main chapters, and more than 80 levels in the normal game mode, and an extra 40 levels in the difficult mode, complete with bosses. Jack and his Dog Butch seek to unfold the mystery that is Clifford Castle in search of treasure.

I loved playing this game although it’s more of a kickback on Sunday afternoon game. Rather than an intense experience. Despite the title, it’s not a dark game more of a quest type action.

The player obtains soul crystals after defeating each boss giving you extra abilities and access to a ranged attack, for the most part, the attacks in the game are hack and slack which we loved. 

This is a laid-back story-driven game with some humour delivered in the dialogue between Jack and Butch, engaging and explorative in its nature, but a great relaxed gaming experience. 

Rating 7/10

screenshot from game 6 souls