Burgas, Bulgaria, 4th January 2022: EnerDC Games announced that it has published the complete version of its ricochet puzzle – Mr Vampire – Physics puzzles.

In this unique indie game, you play as an immobile vampire, that has just two available spells – one transforms all living things it hits (including himself), the other one teleports the vampire to the ceiling. Your goal is to transform some of the animals in order to match Mr Vampire’s recipe (shown at the top).
Movable physics-based objects (that reflect the spells!) and bombs provide great dynamics to this world.  The levels look deceptively easy, while in reality, they get progressively harder, making the last 10 to 15 a real challenge to conquer.
Key features:

  • Easy to understand and addictive game-play
  • Special Christmas-themed levels – keep playing to get to them!
  • Offline Mode: When you download the game you can play without internet connection
  • Enticing design and fun sound effects
  • No ads , no in-app purchases!
  • Suitable of kids and adults
  • Aim, aim, aim in order to win !