This is certainly a game that ticks a lot of the right boxes with its Manga art style and combat system perfectly complemented by its folklore narrative, Legend of Tianding has a charm all of its own as well being a great addition to the 2D Platformer Genre.

Set in early 20th century Taiwan, you play as Liao Tianding, a smart and witty vigilante who shares common associations with Robin Hood such as helping those in need by stealing from the rich and greedy. With the police hot on your trial at your heels, you must lead the fight for justice and carve out your own legend in the process.

Playing as the master thief, you will be required to take down those who get in your way. Lucky you have combat skills and a barrage of attacks at your disposal. Combat feels great, it’s effective, quick, smooth, and straightforward. Learning new fighting attacks as you go along became vital as you proceed through the game, boss battles can be challenging, pay to attend to patterns to be able to anticipate attacks which should help as the difficulty level will be heightened during boss battles. Also, watch out for people with firearms.

gun scene from the legend of tianding

Exploring the streets of Taiwan is a complete pleasure and the easy movement allows you to easily work your way through the environment. With the ability to grapple, dash and wall jump. The one downside to this game was the grapple manoeuvres especially early on I couldn’t understand the need to complicate things, this seems to be a theme recently in replacing much-loved actions like double jump and run and jump with climbing and grapple, although you’ll need to combine various manoeuvres in order to get through hazard-filled areas.

screenshot from The Legend of Tianding

From an aesthetic point of view, the soundtrack enhances gameplay much the same way as music does in a Kung-Fu movie and adds authenticity as does the narrative being in Mandarin, visually the game is a treat and very well put together, with comic book panels paired with gameplay and hand-drawn stills the game really captures the essence of 20th century Taiwan filled with both visual and audio clues and instructions to guide you through the game. Playing The Legend of Tianding was a very pleasant gaming experience.

Brought to you by CGCG and Neon Doctrine, The Legend of Tianding is based on true legend this fast-paced side scroller game explores the life of Liao Tianding. Presented using traditional Chinese Manga. The game is available on Steam