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Nights Magazine – The Passion Project

The idea for Nights Magazine really started when I was working for a local lifestyle magazine, Journalism as I knew it was a male-dominated educated environment and as I sat there wrapping up my latest review and thinking about my next move and how I was going to support myself, I realized it was time to take control. It was this idea of control that inspired me more than ever before.

I loved reviewed theatre from the very first review, but I was just “that girl that reviewed Hair- The Musical 50th Anniversary” I’d complete over 30 reviews by this point and even started a little blog and now that I think of it the blog probably kickstarted the need for freedom. You see I was the girl who popped in helped with the press releases and did the reviews I was invited to do by the editor and entertainment columnist. Journalism isn’t an easy field to enter without a journalism degree and you have to build a portfolio of work and a reputation which takes time so while still in University, I figured I’d make a start. The local magazine was very good to me and I adored the publication. I craved control over the content I was producing and how much importance was placed on it. It’s like that when a business isn’t yours there’s a limited sense of control and I was really just wanting to work more authentically in an environment where the business was recognized by my values and work ethics.

The light-bulb moment struck me as I was job searching for a position in Magazine Journalism in Norwich where I was planning to relocate to after looking at different publications. It hit me as great as they all are I didn’t want to write for any of them! I wanted to write for a magazine based on values trust, loyalty, and transparency for my readers and advertisers and that’s when it hit me I’d have to build my own. The problem was that they were my values and a way of working that was unique to me, I’ve never known how to be anything but genuine, and I couldn’t expect another brand to embody my values and interests just because I need them to. For Nights Magazine– upholding our values and genuine communications with everyone regardless of if or how much money they spend with us is of the utmost importance.

We are committed to providing our customers with a service that adds value to their life or business. The team and I have a relentless dedication and passion to our work in producing the most engaging content presented in a magazine we can all be proud of wrapped in the basis of our positive approach. The whole team understands and shares my vision that the magazine is about celebrating and supporting entertainment and life.

Fundamentally, we invest in quality, design and engaging our audience, and by sticking to a direct-to-consumer model we are also able to deliver great customer service. We do, however, also understand that often it’s not money but time and convenience that our customers value. From magazine sales to the advertising we don’t mind investing extra time to get it just right. That’s why we consider everything and have a proactive approach to the business moving it forward when necessary, in fact in the time when, we are on annual leave I take two strategy weeks to assess where the business is at and the best way to move it forward.

I really believe that being serious about work shouldn’t compete with your interests so my team and I are building a brand in our own right, a magazine centred around our interests, your entertainment needs, and lifestyle and business features that enable you to make the most out of your life. Whatever your life may contain.

Our magazine is not just a business, it’s our mission. We want to help you succeed and we will do everything in our power so that your voice can be heard!

We have been publishing helpful articles for over a year now, but when there’s something more important than money on the line (like giving back)  we know who deserves credit: YOU!!!

Every month, Nights Magazine is delivered to your door. With a dedicated team of talented writers that appeal to readers across the nation and abroad; the glossy magazine provides original content on topics ranging from gaming news & reviews to business coverage with Business Nights Box. And We’re not only interested in what you read – but how well it makes you look too! The latest fashion content can be found adorning spread across our Fashion Pages while other sections cover national as well local stories such social issues like mental health awareness… All put together by our committed Editor Melissa to making sure each issue looks its very best.

Subscriptions to our magazine are the best way to ensure you don’t miss a single article, so if you want a copy, don’t hesitate. Just contact us now and we will make sure that your monthly media publication is delivered right to your door!

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