Business Nights Box

The Business Nights Box was created in 2021 by owner Melissa Compton, originally designed as a subscription box service, but this was changed to give greater flexibility and choice to small business owners, and from 4 July 2021 was developed as a video, and resource network.

The Business Nights Box was created to empower small business owners to make the most out of their business, through sharing of knowledge in the form of videos, recommended reading, and resources designed to make business simple.

The Business Nights Box sells a subscription which allows you access the content for the entire year, and also resource containing forms, course guides, and planners this is how we fund the content and can be purchased at our online shop on Resources page and Our content includes videos, written material, reading lists, and resource.

Melissa is also the owner of Nights Magazine, and previously worked as a franchise owner running members only events at HER Business Revolution as well as being a published author, and poet and a background in business administration and journalism.

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