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Nights Magazine.

Where entertainment and lifestyle combine.

Crafted with dedication from our home in Swansea, celebrating the best lifestyle and entertainment that city life has to offer.

The new national Magazine celebrating entertainment and lifestyle.

Nights Magazine is a monthly, glossy national lifestyle magazine with a team of dedicated talented writers to appeal to readers of all interests. We focus on gaming, food, theatre, whilst covering national and local news, lifestyle, business and more…

We’re all about celebrating entertainment

Nights Magazine is the new go-to magazine for getting the most out of living and working in the city, any city.

Whether you’re reading about the latest gaming trends, upcoming festivals, or businesses strategy, or looking for a new recipe our aim is always to deliver an engaging, informative read that is visually compelling.

We print on demand, and sell online, in line with our sustainability policy we only use recycled silk paper for the magazine and recyclable packaging and promote digital first. with our current combined readership at 2455, we use a combination of online platforms and royal mail to deliver the magazine. Not only this allow use to meet our sustainability goals, it guarantees your business will be seen by an engaged and committed audience.

Our aesthetically desirable design, and high production values combined with the heart and soul we pour into evert issue with engaging and relevant editorial combine to create a much-loved magazine, that is enjoyed all over the UK.

We hope you enjoy get as much joy out of Nights Magazine as we did creating it for you.

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